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Hydra MTG Life Counter With A Playmat Bag And Ten +1/-1 tokens

Hydra MTG Life Counter With A Playmat Bag And Ten +1/-1 tokens

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Life Counter Art

All you will need for a great night of magic. Each life counter features original art of iconic creatures. The counters have a straightforward design, the main section has the creature relief sculpted in the center and a track surrounding it where the number ring sits. The ring is numbered 1-20 on one side and has 21-40 on the other side.

The playmat bag is a great way to take care of your playmat. Don't get crumpled up in the bottom of your bag. Does not take up valuable space when playing or not in use. These water resistant and Dust proof Card Game Playmat Bag are perfect for storing or carrying a playmat. Clean, simple and durable design.
Fits standard size playmats for MTG/Yugioh/Pokemon.

The plus/minus counters are a great way to signify counters on creatures, planeswalkers, artifacts and much more. They are double sided with +1 on one side and -1 on the other. The counters that come with this set also have a black resin added to the numbers. Because the are made out of metal they feel great and don't move around. They are hand cast so there is slight variations.

Life Counter
Material : Silver pewter
Size : Diameter 2 inches Tall 0.35" inches (5.08 cm X 0.9cm)
Weight: 2.2 ounce (63g)
Color : Silver (Black Patina)
Quantity: 1

+1/-1 Counters Details
Material : Lead free silver pewter
Diameter: 5/8 of an inch (1.58 cm)
Weight: 0.1 ounce (3g)
Color : Silver
Quantity: 10 (includes black dice bag)

Playmat Details
Bag Size: 2.9x15.7in (10x40cm)
Fits Playmats that are: 13.7x23.6in (35x60cm)
Quantity: 1

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