Update 2024

Six months ago, we made the decision to take a thoughtful pause and revisit our project from the ground up. The journey has been incredibly rewarding, filled with invaluable feedback and numerous suggestions that could elevate it even further. The positive responses have inspired us to integrate additional features into the design, such as the option for a playmat to neatly fit into the interior rather than being mounted on the side. Additionally, many of our fellow magicians expressed the desire to have the flexibility to accommodate some of the more popular deck boxes.

We want to assure everyone that we are actively working on these enhancements, fueled by the enthusiasm of our community. Your input is invaluable to us, and we invite you to share more of your thoughts. Stay tuned for updates by signing up to be a part of the ongoing journey!


The Mox Box

Finally a Deck Case that we all wanted and our cards needed. The Mox Box is the result of three years of designing, engineering and testing. With the current card market, protection was on the top of the list but we didn't want to sacrifice functionality and personalization. Each player has different needs and you should have a proper solution for deck storage.

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Uparalleled Protection

Defends against impact, crushing and shock. Heavy clip latches and locks can be added for extra security when traveling..... and most importantly a waterproof seal.

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Modular Design

Includes five 100 double sleeved card deck boxes, six perfect fit top-loaders and a dice and life counter box.

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