The Mana Pool With Life Counter Center

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Each Mana Pool includes three of each of the mana tokens. All the mana tokens have corresponding color resin added to them. There are three clue/treasure tokens that have gold resin on the treasure side and onyx grey on the clue side. One trigger/upkeep token with onyx grey resin on both sides. Also included are seven +1/-1 counters and three +2/-2 counters that are extremely handy in all formats.

The life counter features the original art of iconic creatures. The counters have a straightforward design, the main section has the creature relief sculpted in the center and a track surrounding it where the number ring sits. The ring is numbered 1-20 on one side and has 21-40 on the other side.

(All counters and tokens are made from lead-free pewter) D20 and D6 not included.