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Storm Crow Dice Sleeve

Storm Crow Dice Sleeve

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Resin Color

These dice boxes are made especially for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other dice-based role-playing games.
Each dice box is crafted out of beautiful hardwoods that provide durability and one of a kind grain patterns. The compartment has a resin added to create a unique finish. They hold a full set of 7 standard dice.

The top of the box is engraved and has resin added to the design to make a smooth finish and keeps the details perfect. 

Giving it as a gift? Make it personal with initial engraving.

*Dice Set Included

Fits a full standard set of 7 dice (1D20, 1D12, 2D10, 1D8, 1D6, 1D4)
External measures roughly 6.5"L x 1.35"W x 1.25"H (165mm L x 35mm W x 32mm H)
Internal measures roughly 4.8"L x .89"W x 1.04"H (124mm L x 22mm W x 26mm H)

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